Tipi of 5,5m diameter .


 To chose the diameter of your tipi you have to define what it will be used for,how many beds there will be and how much free space around them,for fourniture,etc.

The tipi can also be used as a reunion space(in this case more people will fit in)or for yoga ,massage or meditation room...


In any of those cases you have to consider that the walls have an inclination so they loose space in hight witch makes it praferable to use low fourniture, to make better use of the space.


The schredule that follows is made to give you an idea of the space inside each different size tipi and to help you in choosing the right size for your tipi.


The 3m tipi is for children or for 1 or2 persons maximum. 




Diameter of the Tipi.                           People sitting .                      Number of beds .

  •       4 m                                       X  4                                              X 2               
  •       5m                                        X  7 to 8                                       X 4
  •       5,5m                                     X  8 to 10                                     X 4 to 6
  •       6m                                        X 18 to 20                                    X 6 to 8
  •       7m                                        X 30 to 35                                    X 12 to 15
  •       8m                                       X 40 to 50                                    X 16 to 18