I ordered my first Tipi from MyTipi in 2016 and was delighted with the entire process. After searching for a quality Tipi supplier in Portugal, I stumbled across Mytipi on the internet. After a few emails back and forth with Nadia to decide the exact size and material, I decided to proceed with the order. Throughout the process Nadia was extremely helpful and communicative, very prompt with replies to my many questions, and the Tipi was delivered and installed by Nadia exactly when expected.

The entire process from ordering to delivery and after delivery support has been fantastic. Nadia clearly has a gift for producing very high quality Tipis, and it was wonderful to meet the person responsible for the Tipis creation.

The Tipi itself is a hand made work of art. There is nothing like living in this space of peace and tranquillity. I do not have the words to describe life in a Tipi. It must be experienced.

If you are interested in a high quality, hand crafted Tipi in Portugal or France, I highly recommend Mytipi.

Steve Jansen


Nadia made us a 3 meter tipi, actually for our daughters. We were surprised by the craftmanshap and we totally love the leather details. For the wheather in Holland she used canvas which can handle a lot of rain. This is a lovely tipi to camp with, the total package is not to big, and since the girls are still small we are gonna use it as our family tent to sleep in.

Chayah and family 

We are a family of three from Holland. And outdoor fanatics. I’m hunting my whole life for quality items that are durable and will last a lifetime. As a former Marine I am used to good quality material. And expecting top notch when i order handmade. I know Nadia for several years and seen many of her tipi to completion. All handmade with the best care and perfect eye for detail. Great opportunity is that Nadia is approachable and interested in incorporating your needs.. If you require special designs or you have other wishes there is always room for discussion. I would highly recommend anybody who is interested in a high-end top-quality tipi to contact her for a personal offer.

 Menno and Yvonne de Sera



Thank you very much for the beautiful Tipi Nadia! I really enjoy being surrounded by round canvas and strong posts. It's simply an amazing space to be in and so easy to put up and down! THANK YOU!








You can buy other tipis but nowhere will you find anyone as helpful as Nadia, she takes such pride in producing quality work and is a total pleasure to do business with. We adore our tipi, as does everyone who has stayed in it, we were complete novices, so it was lovely to get advice from Nadia and when she and her husband came to erect the tipi we were mightily relieved as they made it look child's play. I can't recommend mytipi.eu highly enough.







Muito bem feitos , excelente qualidade e lindos de morrer.


Ai fa




Os tipis com a melhor qualidade e conforto que conheço , excelente construção  recomendo!




 Merci pour la création ce tipi unique et magnifique !!! Une création pleine d’amour et de savoir faire qui transforme un lieu et des habitants 


                  Claire et Alain



              Je voulais remercier Nadia particulièrement pour son professionalisme et pour l'ensemble du travail effectué chez moi hier. J'avais commandé deux Tipis de 5m ,elle m'a tout expliqué lors du montage . Gros travail rapide, consciencieux. Maintenant ils sont là! Majestueux   sur mon terrain. Je recommande sincèrement cette entreprise !